Kaneka Corporation - Vision and future

Sustainable solutions for an evolving world

Mission and values

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Our innovative developments enable us to create unique products and technologies that contribute to the earth's sustainability. We develop our business in a "wellness-first" direction, energize people, and help build a happier society. 
To make the world more wellness-first, Kaneka takes an innovative approach to science and seeks to fulfill people's dreams by offering a wide variety of solutions. 
 "Make your dreams come true" expresses our vision to make the wishes of people come true through the power of our science and chemistry.
We are a highly perceptive and collaborative value-creating Kaneka group or, as we like to say, we are a "Dreamology Company.

"Dreamology" is an expression coined from 'dream' and 'ology' (science). 

Mission statement of Kaneka Belgium

Kaneka Belgium strives to develop, produce and sell innovative, environment-friendly, chemical specialty products in harmony with society and environment and aligned with corporate strategies, providing added value to our customers and stakeholders. In all our activities, we take responsibility for our employees and commit to compliance with all rules and regulations.

We are constantly developing new plans and ideas for the future, bringing people and technology together to continuously contribute to a higher standard of living, a sustainable society, and a healthier world.