Kane Ace™ MX


Kane Ace™ MX is Kaneka’s novel coreshell rubber (CSR) toughening system for thermo set resins. It is a predispersed CSR Masterbatch which enhances the physical properties of the resins through optimal dispersion of core-shell particles.

The revolutionary liquid impact modifiers of Kane Ace™ MX achieve highly improved strength, improved fracture toughness and endurance without losing the heat resistant characteristics of thermoset resins.

The liquid nature guarantees an easy handling and mixing into your system, which will save you time and reduces the production cost.

Benefits of Kane Ace™ MX: 


  • Improved fracture toughness

  • Increased fatigue resistance

  • No Tg deterioration

  • Easy mixing and processing

  • Higher t-peel strength and lap shear

  • Cost reduction by easy handling and shorter production time

Fields of applications


Kane Ace™ MX is a liquid toughener in which nano rubber particles are homogeneously dispersed, up to a concentration of 45wt%, in a liquid curable resin (mainly epoxy).

Since the nano rubber particles are dispersed in advance, there is no need for a complicated mixing process.

While maintaining the characteristics of liquid curable resins (heat resistance, rigidity, etc.) Kane Ace™ MX improves fracture toughness, adhesive strength, impact and thermal cycle resistance, etc. in a wide variety of applications.

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