The structure of Kaneka MS Polymer™, polyether backbone and silyl functional groups, offers a variety of benefits to the MS-based finished products

  • Superior adhesion to a wide variety of materials even without primer

  • MS sealants exhibit good primerless adhesion to a wide range of substrates commonly used in construction and industry, such as PVC, aluminum, glass, steel, ceramic, plywood, and many newly developed materials for construction.

  • Applicable in a wide range of situations and temperatures

  • MS sealants can be used for a wide variety of applications. A single product can be used for waterproofing, bonding, sealing... and will adhere to different substrates at the same time. There is no need to buy a separate sealant quality for each specific application.

  • Great mechanical properties
    MS sealant shows excellent mechanical properties: long-term elasticity, good recovery after deformation, and no fatigue effects. It can withstand vibration and thermal expansion of materials like woods and metals, accommodating tension and compression.

  • No bubbling in the curing process
    MS sealant does not bubble on the surface at all. The surface of the sealant is kept smooth and intact. A constant and uninterrupted joint is easily achieved.

  • Weather resistance
    The resistance to natural weathering such as rain and UV is one of the advantages of MS sealant that allows use of the sealant outdoors - even in adverse weather. MS sealant shows no cracks after UV exposure. The elasticity of the sealant is maintained over time, even years after application.

  • Easy handling
    MS sealant is easy to use: it can be extruded from cartridges with a low force even at low temperature.  A continuous flow of sealant with stable viscosity is the norm. Furthermore, smoothing and tooling of the joint are easy with MS sealant.

  • Low risk of staining
    Excellent non-staining characteristics can be obtained with MS sealant. Porous substrates used in construction, such as granite and marble, can be sealed with a wide range of MS sealants with a low risk of contaminating the stone surface.

  • Overpaintable with most types of paints
    Compatibility with many kinds of paint is highly valued by users in industry and construction. MS sealant is compatible with many types of paints and coatings. MS sealant can immediately be painted over after use. The paint cures relatively quickly after a reasonable time.

  • Odorless

  • Excellent elastic behavior and durability

  • Relatively quick curing

  • No isocyanate and no solvents

  • Good storage stability