New business development - Biosurfactant

A natural surfactant with high biodegradability and low skin irritation

KANEKA Surfactin (INCI Name: Sodium Surfactin) is a cyclic lipopeptide-based biosurfactant produced by a harmless microbial, bacillus subtilis, during a fermentation process.

The cyclic lipopeptide structure, consisting of seven amino acids, contributes to unique, distinguishing properties.  KANEKA Surfactin can create D-phase, emulsion, a bi-continuous phase that incorporates both oil and water, using a very low dosage (3 ppm). The D-phase KANEKA Surfactin can be used to formulate cleansing oil gel and small particle emulsion, and many other skincare and cosmetics products.

  • Premixed cosmetic ingredient is also available.

  • Various activities for cosmetics such as product planning, formulation development and OEM.

  • Registered as an organic cosmetic material in Europe.