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AGRI-, HORTI-, AQUACULTURE & FISHERY - Solutions by Kaneka

Kaneka Belgium serves the agri-horticulture, aquaculture, and fishing industry by supplying high-quality specialty raw materials for material and parts manufacturers. You will find a broad array of suitable products and materials from our wide selection of innovative solutions. From bio-based and biodegradable polymers to lightweight foamed bioplastics, Kaneka's experienced experts guarantee reliable support in product development and finding efficient and new solutions for the sector's challenges. With an application-driven approach and the availability of well-equipped laboratories, Kaneka Belgium enables its customers to find the right solution.

New business development

Green Planet™ | Bio-based and biodegradable polymer solutions


We take pride in working with international partners and brand owners to develop better, more sustainable ways of protecting our ecosystem for generations to come. Kaneka’s Green Planet™ project aims to reduce plastic waste and contamination in our environment by boosting the use of biomaterials and contributing to a circular economy with bio-based and biodegradable plastics.

Because of the certified compostable and biodegradable technical advantage during their use or end-of-life, KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™ materials are ideally suited for applications such as agricultural mulch film and vine clips, flower and plant pots, planting trays, fishing gear, fishing nets, and packaging of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables.


Foam & Residential Techs

Kaneka’s  expanded foam particles meet a range of functional requirements for the aquaculture industry. Technical advantages as lightweight, buoyancy, and recyclability make them suited for applications such as buoys, floats, boats, fishing pens, trays, and crates.

Thanks to the closed-cell structure, EPERAN™-PP and EPERAN™ have a superior long-term floatation capability, and they are not affected by lengthy exposure to either fresh or saltwater.