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Automotive - Solutions by Kaneka
Kaneka’s automotive solutions support applications across various segments, including weight reduction, thermal solutions, comfort, exteriors, interiors, lighting, safety, and ecology. With an ever-expanding portfolio of new materials and technologies, Kaneka grows along with the car manufacturers to prepare for the future of mobility.

Foam & Residential Techs

Quality of Life  | Insulation, Safety, Protection, Shock Absorption, Weight Decrease

Kaneka is pursuing to enhance the quality of life through the power of its materials. Lightweight and strong foam solutions enrich our lives by serving tomorrow’s green and safe automotive and mobility market.
Our team of experts and portfolio of foam and residential tech materials can help you find the solution for your product developments and business targets.

Interior and exterior car parts & safety gear including electric vehicle car parts

Being light, protective, and impact-absorbing, Kaneka’s expanded polypropylene-based foam particles, EPERAN-PP™, are widely used in the automotive industry for insulation, protection, weight reduction, and shock absorption of interior and exterior car parts. Examples are bumpers, sun visors, luggage compartment inserts, battery cover, knee padding, seat bracing, roof pillars, headrests, armrests, door panels, and much more.

As a solution to the challenges of new energy mobility, EPERAN-PP™ particle foam provides superior heat insulation properties for electric vehicle batteries, while at the same time functioning as a lightweight shock-absorbing material. 

EPP car parts make a twofold contribution to environmental protection: they are reusable, and, given their low material weight, they contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.


Kaneka - Eperan Car Parts

Performance Polymers

Materials | Assembly, Bonding, Comfort, Sealing, Strengthening, Waterproofing, Weight Decrease

Building on our heritage and know-how in macromolecular and fermentation technology, Kaneka Belgium in Westerlo is committed to developing and manufacturing performance polymers for high demanding functional plastics applications paving their way to nearly every industry.
Our team of experts and market-leading portfolio of impact modifiers, processing aids, liquid polymers, toughener systems and specialty additives can help you find the solution for your product developments and business targets. 

Adhesives and sealants

Base resins for high-quality adhesives and sealants: windscreen, semi-structural, plastics, assembly adhesives, and seam sealants.  Assembly adhesives for dissimilar lightweight substrates.
Comfort foam for car seats.

Kaneka MS Polymer™

Kaneka solutions - Semi structural Adhesives
Kaneka solutions - Assembly adhesives
Kaneka Solutions - Comfort foam

Structural adhesives & composite parts

Liquid toughener systems for improved properties, such as impact, crack and fatigue resistance of structural adhesives and composite parts, including lightweight composite parts.

Kane Ace™ MX

Kaneka solutions - Structural adhesives
Kaneka solutions - Composite parts

Rigid plastic automotive parts

Impact modifier resins increasing impact strength and physical properties of interior and exterior rigid plastic automotive parts and components such as car doors, instrument panels, protective covers.

Kane Ace™ series

Kaneka solutions - Rigid plastic automotive
Kaneka solutions - Instrument panels