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Energy - Solutions by Kaneka
Energy is the key to balancing industrial development with environmental protection. Kaneka Belgium serves the energy industry by supplying high-quality specialty raw materials for material and parts manufacturers. You will find a broad array of suitable products and materials from our wide selection of innovative solutions. From assembly and strengthening to photovoltaic modules, Kaneka's experienced experts guarantee reliable support in product development and finding efficient and new solutions for the energy industry's challenges. With an application-driven approach and the availability of well-equipped laboratories, Kaneka Belgium enables its customers to find the right solution.

Performance Polymers

Materials | Assembly, Sealing, Bonding, Strengthening

Building on our heritage and know-how in macromolecular and fermentation technology, Kaneka Belgium in Westerlo is committed to developing and manufacturing performance polymers for high demanding functional plastics applications paving their way to the energy  industry.
Our team of experts and market-leading portfolio of impact modifiers, processing aids, liquid polymers, toughener systems and specialty additives can help you find the solution for your product developments and business targets. 

Adhesives and sealants

Base resins for high-quality adhesives and sealants | PV panel sealant | junction boxes sealant | battery sealant | temperature dissipating sealant.

Kaneka MS Polymer™

Structural adhesives & composite structures

Liquid toughener systems improving adhesive strength properties of bonding pastes and windmill blades' impact/crack/fatigue resistance.  

Kane Ace™ MX

Rigid engineering plastics

Polymeric solutions for rigid engineering plastic compounds | wind turbine parts | gear wheels | switch gear parts | solar panel parts.

Kane Ace™ series

PV & Energy Management

Quality of Life | Photovoltaic power generation systems


Kaneka Corporation Japan started research into thin-film silicon photovoltaic modules early. This pioneering role has allowed the company to assume a leading position over the past 20 years. Kaneka's accumulated expertise now makes it possible to offer next-generation energy all over the world through its advanced PV systems.
For its advanced solar cell technology research, Kaneka sealed a partnership with imec, Flanders' leading nanotechnology research center.

Kaneka Solar Cells

Kaneka solar cells are integrated into tiles to blend seamlessly into the roof and surrounding townscape. They also help make net-zero energy houses and zero energy buildings possible (ZEHs/ZEBs).