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Packaging - Solutions by Kaneka
Kaneka Belgium serves the packaging industry by supplying high quality specialty raw materials for packaging material manufacturers. You will find a broad array of suitable products and materials from our wide selection of innovative solutions. From pharma, medical and food packaging to consumer packaging, Kaneka’s experts guarantee reliable support in product development and in finding efficient and safe solutions for the challenges of the global packaging industry. With an application-driven approach and the availability of well-equipped laboratories, Kaneka Belgium enables its customers to find the right solution.

Performance Polymers

Materials | Offering impact strength, transparency and gloss

Building on our heritage and know-how in macromolecular and fermentation technology, Kaneka Belgium in Westerlo is committed to developing and manufacturing performance polymers for high demanding functional plastics applications paving their way to the packaging industry.
Our team of experts and market-leading portfolio of impact modifiers, processing aids, and specialty additives can help you find the solution for your product developments and business targets. 

Pharma & Medical

Polymeric solutions for rigid pharmaceutical films | blister packs | trays | jars | bottles 

Food Packaging

Polymeric solutions for rigid food packaging films | trays | containers

Consumer Packaging

Polymeric solutions for general thermoforming packaging high-clarity films | trays | liners | containers

Kane Ace™ series

Foam & Residential Techs

Quality of Life  | Insulation, Protection, Reuse, Weight Decrease


Kaneka is pursuing to enhance the quality of life through the power of its materials. Foam tech solutions enrich our lives behind the scenes by serving as insulation and protection to keep food fresh, hot/cold, or protect and safeguard delicate and fragile items. EPP packaging materials make a twofold contribution to environmental protection: they are reusable, and, given their low material weight, they contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.
Our team of experts and portfolio of foam and residential tech materials can help you find the solution for your product developments and business targets.

Returnable packaging

Reusable and multi-trip containers.

Protective packaging

Shock-absorbing packaging applications.


Thermal insulative packaging applications.


New business development

Green Planet™ | Bio-based and biodegradable packaging materials

Inspired by the circular economy model of packaging, Kaneka developed a revolutionary sustainable (food) packaging material, which is not only recyclable through composting, but as well biodegradable in natural environments, including marine waters.

Rigid (Food) packaging

Coffee capsules, cutlery, straws, …

Flexible (Food) packaging

Shopping bags, organic waste bags, flow pack, …

KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™

Foamed packaging material

Containers for storing and shipping perishable foods.

KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™ - Expanded Beads