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Kaneka Belgium serves the sports and leisure industry by supplying high-quality specialty raw materials for material and parts manufactures. You will find a broad array of suitable products and materials from our wide selection of innovative solutions. From the tracks on which athletes pursue new records to the shoes, clothing, and safety equipment they wear and the stadia they perform in, modern sports and leisure rely on innovative and sustainable material technologies. Kaneka’s experienced experts guarantee reliable support in product development and finding efficient and new solutions for sports and leisure gear challenges. With an application-driven approach and the availability of well-equipped laboratories, Kaneka Belgium enables its customers to find the right solution.

Foam & Residential Techs

Kaneka’s expanded foam particles meet a range of functional requirements for the sports and leisure industry. Technical advantages as lightweight, shock absorbance, buoyancy, and recyclability make them suited for applications such as cycling helmets, swimming floats, surfing boards, fitness rolls, shoe insoles, and body protection. 


Performance Polymers

Materials | Ergonomy, Protection, Strengthening, Weight Decrease

Building on our heritage and know-how in macromolecular and fermentation technology, Kaneka Belgium in Westerlo is committed to developing and manufacturing performance polymers for high demanding functional plastics applications paving their way to the sports and leisure industry.
Our team of experts and market-leading portfolio of impact modifiers, processing aids, liquid polymers, toughener systems and specialty additives can help you find the solution for your product developments and business targets. We are happy to advise you on selecting the suitable material for your particular application.

Rigid functional & engineering plastics

Kaneka's polymeric solutions for functional and engineering plastic compounds offer outstanding impact and thermal properties. Applications: playgrounds (sandpits, water play areas) | swimming pools | sports stadia (rinks, roofing, flooring) | skate, ski and boarding equipment (helmets, boards), numerous sports gear, and accessories.  


Kane Ace™ series

Structural adhesives and composite structures

Toughener systems improving properties (impact/crack/fatigue resistance) of structural adhesives and lightweight composite structures.

Kane Ace™ MX

Flexible foam

Iso-cyanate free MS Polymer based foam technology for padding materials, adding comfort, soft feel & touch, and high resilience. 

Kaneka MS Polymer™