Kaneka XMAP™

The cured material of Kaneka XMAP™ has excellent properties as a sealant or an adhesive for coating, gasket, and potting

Kaneka XMAP™ is a telechelic polyacrylate that can cure through two different routes, namely condensation or radical curing process, depending on the requirements. The excellent performance of XMAP-based cured materials can be optimized for a variety of applications such as sealants, adhesives, coatings, gaskets, and pottings.

Kaneka XMAP™ is made by a state-of-the-art living radical polymerization technology, under which the polyacrylate polymer has a well-controlled structure, i.e., designed backbone, narrow polydispersity, and high functionality.

As a raw material base polymer, it offers to the finished products excellent performance in

  • heat resistance

  • oil resistance

  • weatherability

  • high gel-percentage

  • low compression set.