Typical Applications


  • Glazing sealant, especially for self-cleaning  glass (SCG).

  • Highly heat resistant adhesive, used for sealing, potting of electric and electronic devices.

Liquid acrylic rubber

  • Liquid type oil resistance gasket, coating, sheet for automotive use, alternative of acrylic rubber (ACM) and silicone rubber.

Two different curing systems can be chosen subject to applications, requirements, and the excellent performance can be optimized in the respective applications:

Moisture cure

  • Glazing sealants for self-cleaning glass.

  • Elastic coatings.

  • Oil and chemical resistance sealants.

  • Heat resistant and low molecular weight siloxane free waterproof sealing.

UV cure and radical cure

  • Low hardness UV cure sealing/coating materials.

  • Modifier to improve properties such as higher elongation and higher toughness for UV curing PSA and coatings.