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Health Care - Solutions by Kaneka

Kaneka Belgium serves the health care and medical industry by supplying high-quality specialty raw materials for medical material and parts manufacture. You will find a broad array of suitable products and materials from our wide selection of innovative solutions. From strengthening to adhesion, Kaneka's experienced experts guarantee reliable support in product development and finding efficient and new solutions for the challenges of the dynamic nature of the health care industry. With an application-driven approach and the availability of well-equipped laboratories, Kaneka Belgium enables its customers to find the right solution.

Based on Kaneka's two core technologies of macromolecules and biotech, the Kaneka Group has strong health care solutions vehicles developing and manufacturing medical-related products and contributing to advancements in medical technology. 

Performance Polymers

Materials | Assembly, Sealing, Strengthening

Building on our heritage and know-how in macromolecular and fermentation technology, Kaneka Belgium in Westerlo is committed to developing and manufacturing performance polymers for high demanding functional plastics applications paving their way to the health care and medical industry.
Our team of experts and market-leading portfolio of impact modifiers, processing aids, liquid polymers, toughener systems and specialty additives can help you find the solution for your product developments and business targets. 

Adhesives and sealants

Base resin for cleanroom compatible sealant and adhesive, free of isocyanates and solvents.  Base resin for high quality pressure sensitive adhesives for labels and patches.

Kaneka MS Polymer™

Composite structures

Toughener systems improving properties (impact/crack/fatigue resistance) of composite prosthetics, orthotics and MRI/X-Ray parts.

Kane Ace™ MX

Rigid functional plastics

Polymeric solutions for rigid functional plastic compounds: window profiles | flooring tiles | roofing, cladding & sidings | skirting board | pipes & fittings |  …

Kane Ace™ series

Foam and residential techs

By offering ergonomy, comfort, hygiene, and shock absorption, Kaneka’s foam particles are ideally suited for use throughout the health care and medical industry: vacutainer trays, components for medical devices, organ transportation, insulated shipping container liner.


Kaneka Belgium - Flame retardancy solutions in HVAC

Quality of Life Solutions Unit

Biosurfactant KANEKA Surfactin

A natural surfactant with high biodegradability and low skin irritation.

KANEKA Surfactin

Health Care Solutions Unit

One of Kaneka’s most important missions is to protect people’s lives and health. Based on our two core technologies of macromolecules and biotech, we develop medical-related products and contribute to advancements in medical technology. We support the front lines of the medical field by listening to professionals in the area, and when needs arise, quickly responding through the power of chemistry.


Kaneka Medical Europe NV  (Belgium & Germany)



Kaneka Eurogentec S.A. (Belgium)

A biotechnology service company providing life science products and personalized services to academic, medical and industrial scientists world-wide.




A biotech company that focuses on the research and development of a vast generation of natural probiotic strains formulated not only to meet therapeutic needs but also to maintain human health.